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Stunning results

Created by me or my clients

On this page, you will find the most beautiful examples of my web design results. Created either by me or the wonderful results of my clients who have built their website or sales page with the help of one of my online courses.

With a click on either of the two buttons, you will scroll directly to the results you want to see.

Websites by letsbefree

I personally built these complete websites for my clients. Of course, they evolve over time, as I always provide a tutorial on how to further customize their site on their own after the initial setup.

Here's some feedback on working with Alisa. I have rarely encountered someone who takes my needs and ideas into consideration to such a high degree. As a result, I can see myself so clearly reflected in this beautiful website. I love working with Alisa because she is always professional and very pleasant.
Anja Hecht
Health expert
Alisa demonstrates incredible competence, aesthetics, and the ability to meet my desires. Additionally, she has a great eye for imagery and text, for the aesthetics of a website, as well as its structure and flow. She always addresses any questions, is patient, and provides excellent tips and advice when I encounter technical or conceptual limitations regarding what is possible on a website. Furthermore, she has an exceptional intuition for understanding my needs as a client and executes the implementation accordingly.
Julia Magin
Emphatic Badass Buddha
Alisa works at lightning speed. Overnight (literally!), she conjures up beautiful and stylish websites. She brings her wealth of experience while also leaving room for personal preferences, which are quickly and reliably implemented. When one gets caught up in their own perfectionism loop, she lovingly but firmly reminds you to provide the necessary content and serves as a sparring partner when you have a mental block. Working with a web designer like Alisa is truly valuable, and I am immensely grateful. Thank you very much. 🙏🏻
Anita Malenica
High Performance Coach & ThetaHealing Instructor
I am deeply grateful to you, Alisa! Your infinite patience in accommodating my pace has been incredibly helpful. It was a process within myself that began with the decision to create a website. Gradually, you came along and adjusted everything to align with my new version of myself. With great empathy and experience, you guided me through it all. You managed to capture my energy and infuse it into my website. For that, I am incredibly thankful to you. I consider this to be a great talent of yours... Thank you for the many hours of your holistic support ❤️
Jeannette Reupsch
Pure Power expert
Thanks to Alisa, my website shines in a wonderfully new dress with great images and a clear structure. She managed to bring my ideas and visions to life in the shortest time possible, accurately reflecting my work and my personality to the reader. With her empathetic nature, she quickly understood the vibes I wanted to convey through the page, and as a result, each step towards completion was harmonious. I am super happy with the outcome and wholeheartedly recommend Alisa's talent to anyone looking to upgrade their website to a high level. 😊
Carole Schürch
Spiritual Coach
Alisa's art is to capture my ideas for the website and quickly and professionally implement them in her creative way. The result: my website is even more beautiful than expected! Alisa deserves a special bonus from me for her patience. Best regards, Doro
Doro Ernst
Holistic Healing Practice
Alisa is SUPER FAST in implementation and has many enchanting ideas. I receive daily compliments for the homepage 🥰 and it beautifully expresses my personality - modern design and a great overview for easy navigation - my clients love it 😍 THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!
Christina Walter
Happy & healthy Life
Liebe Alisa Ibikus, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. I came to know about your work through the website analysis, and it was fantastic. It became clear to me immediately that I needed a change. Your ideas are fresh, precise, and fast!! ❤️ I am very happy with the new website, and you also took care of setting up the sales page for me... it's magnificent ❤️ I would choose you again and again. THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️
Jolante Schneider
Wellness & cosmetics
Today, I would like to provide feedback on the collaboration with Alisa in the creation of our Humanity Academy. It should be noted that this academy is a truly heartfelt project. It was clear that just anyone couldn't support us in this endeavor. Alisa has done an absolutely wonderful job and contributed significantly to shaping the academy into what it is now. Everyone truly loves the academy and is highly impressed with its presentation. We owe a great deal of this success to Alisa. Therefore, my heartfelt thanks to Alisa for this wonderful work.
Anja Hecht
Humanity Academy

OnePager by letsbefree

I personally created these sales pages and one-pagers for my clients. Here, either a product is being sold (sales page) or a business is introduced (one-pager). However, not every offer has its own sales page, which is beneficial for online business beginners as a digital business card.

Dear Alisa, once again, from the bottom of my heart, a huge THANK YOU for this magical result ❤️‍🔥 Your professional approach, tireless dedication, enchanting creativity, and friendly nature are an absolutely dreamy combination ☺️ I am so grateful that the universe led me to you ✨ Working together was a joy, and the result is simply amazing 😍 I still can't believe that I now have this incredibly beautiful website 🥹 Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors 🤩🤗
Veronika Agnes Kolb
Coach for Highly Sensitive Women
Alisa's work is simply amazing! After our initial personal conversation, she created a one-pager for us within a few days, precisely according to our preferences. 🙏🏻 Many thanks once again, we have never experienced such speed and quality before. Coming from the energetic field, we understand the quality of Human Design, and Alisa incorporates this into the design of the website. She tailored and designed our website exactly to our liking. We highly recommend Alisa to anyone who wants a professionally designed website that aligns perfectly with their personality.
Kristina Maria Daniel
Dear Alisa, I am so happy with my website! I felt very well taken care of by you with my wishes and ideas. Thank you for your flexibility in fully accommodating my change requests and implementing them with your excellent skills. The communication with you was super straightforward, and I always felt welcome with my questions. You implemented the design with great attention to detail, and the result is a website that perfectly aligns with who I am. A thousand thanks for that!
Katharina Henkel
Relationship and Intimacy Coach
What I appreciate most about Alisa is her incredible perception and a certain tenacity in creating an emotionally appealing website. She has executed many small details excellently. I am extremely happy with the site and wholeheartedly recommend working with her to everyone.
Phillippe Hort
Alisa created our Mastermind page, which is a challenge as it needs to combine the wishes of three different personalities. She implemented our ideas 100% within a very short time, so that we all truly love and identify with it. The vibe we wanted to convey was captured perfectly, and we have already received great feedback. Working with Alisa was uncomplicated, fast, and very professional, and we look forward to further collaboration. Thank you!
Saskia, Franzi & Julia
Mastermind Guides

Kathisflow (zweisprachig)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤ for your wonderful and fantastic guidance on this journey!!! From my Human Design analysis, the creative implementation, the automated tools in the background (of which I have no idea 😅 and thanks to Alisa, I don't need to👍🏼), to the completion of my beautiful website! Alisa comes highly recommended from my side 🥰!!!! Thank you!
Katharina Winter

Himapan Munich (zweisprachig)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤ for your wonderful and fantastic guidance on this journey!!! From my Human Design analysis, the creative implementation, the automated tools in the background (of which I have no idea 😅 and thanks to Alisa, I don't need to👍🏼), to the completion of my beautiful website! Alisa comes highly recommended from my side 🥰!!!! Thank you!
Katharina Winter
Lotus leaf workshops in Munich
I am thrilled with my new landing page. This is the second one that I have had Alisa create for me. She always takes the time to implement the page and all its features exactly as desired and puts all her expertise into it. She consistently communicates and provides excellent recommendations and tips to make the pages truly special.
Bernadette Jahn
Career Codes Consulting

Online Course results

Here you can see the results of my online course for a complete website.

These women, without prior experience, have built beautiful websites themselves and customized them to their individual style with the help of my video tutorial.

Alisa has created beautiful templates, and her videos were simple and well-made to independently build your website step by step. You are a super kind and helpful person, especially with a lot of patience. You explain things simply and understandably, delivering it wonderfully with your friendly and open approach!
Birte Stehle
Energy Healer
Working with Alisa's website tutorials was super easy and quick to implement. The templates are beautiful and can be customized so individually. If you follow the lessons, nothing can go wrong. Alisa is doing a great job, and she is always in a great mood in the videos!
Martina Waschke
olistic Mentoring for Mindful Dog Enthusiasts
I love her templates and her tutorial. Alisa has structured it so well that anyone can build their website with it. The tutorial truly leaves out nothing. The templates are beautiful, and you don't have to worry about the mobile settings; just customize them for yourself and you're done. An all-around carefree package.
Tina Heilmann
Kickstart into Your Essence
The tutorials were very detailed, with a good pace and sound quality. It helped me that I had prior experience working with WordPress. I had never watched tutorials on YouTube about WordPress before (unbelievable but true) and, therefore, don't have a direct comparison. I liked the length of a maximum of 30 minutes per topic. This way, I could dive into the implementation right away and then tackle a new topic the next day.
Astrid van der Osten
Channelings & Psychic Counseling
I am thrilled and very grateful for the templates. This is exactly how I always envisioned my website, and I never thought it would be possible to implement it on my own. The use of the templates is super easy, and the explanations in the videos are very understandable, even for absolute beginners like me! Alisa is very professional and helpful. Her expertise and positive mindset are clearly reflected in the templates.
Ines Thiel
Guidance for Happy Children's Hearts
Alisa is a pro, and all the templates were beautifully designed. I also loved that nothing was set in stone, allowing one to let their own creativity flow. The structure of the page is magical, and I immediately felt at "home" there.
Sabrina Pröll
Holistic Mentoring

Sales Page Course Results

Here you can see the results of my online course for a (or several) sales page. If you're not yet ready to build an entire website but want to present your products and make them available for purchase in an automated way.

Alisa's tutorials are very easy to understand and focused on the essentials without unnecessary detours. In simplicity lies the beauty 🙂 The templates are well-structured and visually appealing. They also provide room for experimentation if you wish. Alisa is a pleasant person, and I enjoyed watching over her shoulder during the tutorials. She has the ability to break down complex topics to their core.
Alvina Fuchs
It was just so easy to work with your templates and videos. You got straight to the point. No endlessly long videos, just clear instructions on where to find what and how. You have a truly clear and simple way of explaining everything, and a pleasant voice. That was great.
Steffi Wilms
The sales page structure with Alisa is explained super easily. Step by step, I was able to create and design mine, and suddenly a beautiful page emerged. She guided me through it with short videos! Alisa's down-to-earth and straightforward way of explaining things really resonated with me - especially how she quickly gets to the point on how website construction works and how I can implement it, which I find awesome.
Andrea Pernsteiner
With Alisa's course, I created a beautiful sales page within a few hours. It was super easy, explained very clearly, and the compactness and brevity of the videos are fantastic. I was immediately drawn to Alisa's offer because I found her own website to be stunning and convincing. She herself is truly a gem!
Katharina Hinterhölzl
Alisa conveys it all in her tutorials with expertise and ease. Website building has never been so simple! Alisa is humorous, charming, and gets straight to the point. Helpful and very reliable.
Yin Jen
I am totally excited about Alisa's modular system; it has made everything so simple. On my own, I wouldn't have dared because it would have taken too much time. And it's great to have templates for orientation to get started quickly. Once you're more experienced, you can change them at any time. Alisa explains everything wonderfully with her calm and composed manner and has a wonderfully pleasant voice. I found it super easy to follow her tutorial.
Christine Langer
Health coach

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