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This is me

Hey, I'm Alisa. As an expert in spiritual web design combined with your individual Human Design Chart, I help you finally create a website that embodies your true essence to the outside world.

Is it you?

  • You are ready for more because you want to be one of the leaders of the new world.
  • You want to be constantly present and visible on the internet, regardless of social media. No more quickly scrolling through and getting lost in the abundance of social media posts. You would like to guide "your" people to where the real magic happens - your website.
  • As a conscious entrepreneur or self-employed individual, you love investing in upgrades for your soul business, and now it's time for you to upgrade your website to the next level of design.


  • You want a truly special website – not just any standard system like all the others. You want it to have the right energy and embody your true self.
  • You would prefer to be fully booked, and you want it to be as easy as possible. I specialize in automating appointment bookings and online courses, and I guarantee that after my setup, you will only need to show up for your calls. The rest will be automated. 


  • You have heard a bit about Human Design and were absolutely fascinated by this metaphysical science, and you want to incorporate it into your life and business.

How would it feel if...

  • You have finally found that person who can bring your true essence to life on a beautifully designed website, using your personal Human Design and extracting your business codes.


  • Your texts would precisely resonate with the soulmate clients you should naturally attract because they align with your true self.


  • These clients would be able to book appointments automatically, as the entire process from selecting a date to generating the Zoom call link, invoice creation, and emails would be completely automated. All you would need to do is show up for your calls and do what you do best.

You have found the right one.

Hi, I'm Alisa. Spiritual web designer with a passion for Human Design.
And this is my story.

Is this really supposed to be my life? Going to university for a subject that mildly interested me but didn't ignite any passion within me? Then going to a job until retirement that was boring, exhausting, and also devoid of passion?

That was at least the path my parents presented to me as the "only" way: accepting a secure, regular job and acknowledging that this part of the day is just wasted because one needs the money. "It's normal for it not to be enjoyable; everyone feels the same way. They all hate it, and weekends are meant for having fun."

I could never fully embrace that perspective, but I held onto that planned path until I was 22. Then, I came across a book called "The Laws of Winners" by Bodo Schäfer. I understood that I didn't have to accept that path: there was another way to earn money and have fun at the same time, through my own online business.

I started researching how to earn money online, delving deeper into the world of personal development, and reading biographies of successful people. Along the way, I discovered a common thread that kept repeating: the path to the top doesn't work without mistakes and failures. I realized that one cannot truly fail if they never stop course-correcting and simply keep trying. I found my passion through this realization, and I dropped out of university. Next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Australia, seeking a new perspective on the world.

My first experience with online business was through affiliate marketing: I decided to give it a try. I wanted it so badly that while I was in Australia, I barely traveled and instead spent my time in hostels, working on my business. My inner fire grew stronger and stronger. People I shared my vision with along the way were amazed at how my face lit up when I talked about it.

During a trip to Moreton Island, my business was born...

I sat there on a small bench, gazing out at the sea, feeling free. I wanted to help other people experience that feeling of freedom and not have to endure the "normal" life if they truly wanted to pursue their big dreams. That was the moment when the name of my company, letsbefree, was born.

My plan didn't work out as I had hoped. I experimented a lot, but it wasn't enough to sustain me as a digital nomad. So, I returned to Germany, where I continued to try, make mistakes, learn, and go against the opinions of those around me, all in the pursuit of someday becoming successful. 

They told me to give up and be reasonable. But I had an incredible inner strength within me. I cried, I had money problems, I felt lonely, and I doubted myself. But one thing I knew for sure: nothing and no one could ever make me go back to a regular job. I knew I would make it because out there, there were enough people who had nothing and yet, with their belief in themselves, achieved everything they desired. They all had one thing in common: they never gave up!

It seems I had a weakness for gold even as a child. 😀

n September 2019, I learned from a mentor how to combine business with spirituality and metaphysics. I learned that life doesn't have to be hard, which was always my assumption before. I was always in a struggle and relied heavily on masculine energy, but there was no flow (feminine energy, receiving) in my life. Her knowledge and transformative energy helped me achieve a balanced Yin and Yang energy in my life and my business. 

Two months later, my life completely changed during my first Ayahuasca ceremony. My flow was activated. I metaphorically purged my doubts, fears, and demons. I also realized that spiritual experiences had a stronger and faster impact on me than on other people in my environment. 

Because I was energetically open to receiving, I became financially independent from other people. That, to me, is the most incredible feeling there is. 

"Is this really supposed to be my life?" I asked myself back then. I know that in life, you can achieve anything you desire. Everything you yearn for is meant to be in your life. The more structured your business is, the more money you can receive to bring all of that into your life. 

Let's make you visible.

Are we

a perfect match?

I serve spiritual, rebellious individuals who highly value freedom. I assist them in building their Yang energy, the structure in their business, such as creating their own automated income through a clear online presence. This allows them to activate their feminine, receptive power within this structure and surrender to it, knowing that their systems will support them. 

Additionally, I support them in mindset work through Human Design and my experiences in the online business world. I help them discover who they truly are and how they can optimize their energy to work smart instead of hard. 

My techniques involve spiritual web design and DIY online courses where I provide a pathway to effortlessly create a complete online presence through explanatory videos and website templates. To transform your mindset, I utilize the tool of Human Design, which reveals your individual energy flow within the body and significantly changes how you relate to yourself and your clients. Additionally, ThetaHealing® is part of my toolkit, through which I can directly transform your limiting beliefs, allowing you to rediscover and embody your true essence even faster.